Hi DIFF Eyewear team! 👋

I am so excited for the opportunity to apply for the Digital Media Graphic Designer position! I love how upfront you are about how you give back to the community, if it is with your product or with surgery, it is really great to see! 

I have a B.S. in Retailing and Consumer Sciences with a minor in Journalism, so that translates into being so excited to see how the retail space transforms in the coming years with online being a bigger presence. I want to be on that frontline in my own way, by designing a story for customers to fall in love with and follow along. 

Things that set me apart

- I love watching the Adobe Creative Cloud livestreams just to see what other designers are doing and how I can improve.

- I listen to graphic design podcasts like Creative Pep Talk, to keep learning ways to grow my creativity

- I am coming from the music industry side of content creation, where there are few limits and it really is a test of creativity. I am stoked that I can bring those relevant and trendy ideas to you, in the eyewear space

- I endured and enjoyed the toughest team collaboration effort, touring with 4 people in a van for 2 months - we always finished what we needed to do and had some laughs along the way

Here's a peak at the magic we can create together!


Not Pot 

Not Pot is a CBD gummy company who just launched an improved "Sleep" gummy formula. We partnered to create this video for Instagram Reels. 

Not Pot's branding is reminiscent of early 90's, y2k style. This lead me to having Windows 98' style borders and designs in the video. The coloring and grain also allude to the vintage feel of the brand. 

In 24 hours it has gotten 1,280 impressions.

This video was edited using Premiere Pro. 

Grandson Lyric Video

Artist Grandson, released a song titled "We Did It!!!" and I decided to make a lyric video for it. 

I wanted to challenge myself to heavily rely on type as the words of this song is where the power lies. 

This was edited using Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro

Print & Digital Design

Instagram Carousels

Thanks for your time. Let's chat soon! 

javierafperez13@gmail.com | 520-282-1695 | Arizona Based

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