Lets Sweat is a workout studio in Tucson, AZ

Lets Sweat Social Media Templates 

To implement the social media posting schedule, I was tasked with creating templates for the different types of post. Let's Sweat is a studio gym, so Monday's, a motivational quote was posted. On Wednesdays, a different person from the LS community would be featured on the Instagram as a way of cheering on the people going to the gym. On Sundays, a new member of the Let's Sweat team would be introduced. I created a poloroid like template with hand written script for the name. The post had a cool fact about the staff member as a way for the community to get to know them a bit more. 

Lets Sweat "Summer Sweat Club" Campaign 

I collaborated with the CEO of Lets Sweat to create the "Summer Sweat Club" campaign for June and July of 2018.  The campaign goal was to increase the amount of people registering for classes. During a period of 30 days, one would have to take 21 classes to get initiated into the "Summer Sweat Club." After the 30 days, the members would get free goodies and a free class. There was a chart for everyone to reward themselves with a sticker after every workout and we found that adults loved getting the sticker after taking a class! The campaign increased sales by 11.8% during June and July. 

Sweat Society

I was commissioned to create a crest style logo for Lets Sweat, a workout studio. Sweat Society is their reward program for people who workout 50 times or more within a year. We wanted the design to represent Tucson but have a minimalistic, modern edge. 

Promo Video

I created 1 minute promo video for their Instagram, to show the fun atmosphere Lets Sweat can be! It is still one of their most viewed posts. 

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