My Top 18 Photos of 2018

2018 was my first full year of doing music photography. Photography for me is like having a sweet little baby, something I love more than anything that got me excited and energized for the day. Except I got more sleep (well actually I don’t know) and it didn’t shit everywhere (uhh the ebbs and flow of creativity can make you feel like shit soo). What i’m trying to say is that photography has made me feel happiness and gave me a dash of self worth, that I didn’t have before. It is also so fun because you get to make some friends and collaborate with them which just makes my heart warm :)

Here it goes, my top photos of 2018 + some design stuff as always. 

My first show of the year, Soccer Mommy @ 191 Toole on February 13. Okay can you believe at this point, Soccer Mommy was touring in a Subaru Outback??

Diet Cig - February 19,  @ Club Congress

Summer 2018 Spotify Playlist Cover Art. I love the tongue coming out of the O and licking the Popsicle!

As it is @ Warped Tour Phoenix

Real Friends - Phoenix Warped Tour. As I was waiting for their set, I had this gif planned out and I’m so happy it worked out!

Turnover Poster - Good Nature. This actually took me months to think of and do and I am just really proud of it! parts of this design gets used for Turnover photos I take later in the year!

Queen of Jeans - July 11th @ The Rebel Lounge. This photo means a lot to me because it’s where I first started to find my style.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat @ The Rialto on August 4, 2018. After this set, I shattered my prism and cut my finger, memories:)

Hinds - September 25 @ Toole. If I have a chance to make a gif, I make a gif!

Foxing - September 14 @ The Rebel Lounge. The lighting at this show was insane and the venue was so small so I was so glad I got this shot. Also that Hello Kitty guitar strap is everything!

Ratboys - September 14 @ The Rebel Lounge. I remember someone commented on this photo and said it looked very space like. I didn’t have a word to describe my style so space like worked!

Melina - this shoot was something i wanted to do for years and I finally found the right location. Melina killed this shoot, it was a pleasure working with her!

Zariah for Kamp Radio - This was my first artist shoot!

Mothers - October 9 @ 191 Toole. I put off editing these photos for weeks because the lighting was so bad I had to turn them black and white. (It was lit my only one red light like the actual worst). However this problem made me come up with a cool way to add color to it and I’m really pleased with it!

Queen of Jeans - November 18 @ The Van Buren. This photo is really important to me. I shot Queen of Jeans earlier this year and it was were I first started to implement a consistent style. Only 4 months after, this is what it has evolved to and I am really proud of this photo. This is also the first time Topshelf Records sent me out to shoot a show!

Turnover - November 30 @ The Marquee. While I was taking these photos, I had a vision for a string of colors to be wrapped around them.

Lany - December 11 @ The Van Buren. I love this shot, it is like he is laying on clouds.

Flora Cash - December 11 @ The Van Buren. The lights and the lights look so grand, plus the warmth the lights bring, I love! This was my last show of the year.

Thank you for coming along & supporting my work, it means the world. 

To 2019: Clink Clink Bitch :)

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