My Top Photos of 2021

There is only one more day left in 2021 - don't think I forgot about this tradition! 2021 - yes, we are sadly still in a pandemic, but thanks to the vaccine, we were allowed some fun, as a treat! Personally, this year was centered around growth - growing up, moving to a big city & being a fulltime freelance photographer (never thought it would happen so fast). It was a huge privilege to be able to move. The thought of staying stagnant felt worse than the possibility that I would fall flat on my face, and that's when you know you have to make that scary leap! I'm here to say, from the other side, it was completely worth it! 

I got to do so many bucket list things like shoot Lollapalooza as my first show back, for 2 incredible artist! I got out of my comfort zone and shot food and wine campaigns. I was just as excited about the food photos as the music photos, which I never thought would happen. I LOVE music photography but it was so thrilling to work in a different space of photography. I got all of my music work this year through referrals - the power of friendship and putting yourself out there is REAL!!

ok ok ok now for the photos, in no order:  

Mt Lemmon - This is very Abbey Rd vibes

Riot Fest on Cinestill 800T

Elohim - I Love the movement in her hair and the vertical lines that lead to her

Beach Fossils - I was just trying something out and it came out better than expected

Elohim - fisheye’s ROCK

Amusement Park - this photo means a lot to me. it signifies growing up and realizing your childhood is over, that pure childlike playfulness isn’t the same anymore

Kid Sister Sauvy B

3d Film Crowd - this is a shot I planned to get and its perfect

Violet Dive - took this for fun on the shoot and it came out so nice

Hannah Jadagu - she is one of my favorite artist now, SO GOOD

Harry Styles - if 2021 taught me anything is i am still a harry STAN - cried the whole concert

Valley - their performance blew me away - SO GOOD

Breakup Shoes - first time shooting kodak 160, pushed it +1 and it came out so good!

Jeremy Zucker - this photo feels like an extension of the album art

Beach - this is such a beautiful moment im so happy I got to capture it

BTS for Jack Larson - Chicago New Artist coming in HOT

Juice - my favorite moments happen seconds before stage, everyone is getting ready, amped!!

Kat Cunnings - okay ABS, they are so talented , def got a new fan!

William Black Crowd @ lolla - literally just such a girlboss

William Black - i love how you can see the city

William Black

Engagement @ Verite

<3 @ Jeremy Zucker

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported me, shared my work, recommended me, I love u forever❣️💗

Let's hope 2022 is safe to ROCK!! okay luv u byeeee💞

My Top Visuals of 2020

There really are no words that sum up 2020, it was surprising, tragic, cruel,  eye opening, isolating, the list can go on. A lot of people I have talked to, including me, felt that they finally had the opportunity they had been working so hard for, in the palm of their hands but then Covid19 hit. It was like the universe was planning for a gigantic body slam and that exactly what it did. This year tore apart my being, I realized so much of my goals revolved around going to shows and collaboration.  It took me months, last week was where it really hit me, that I am a whole human being!!! Like who knew!!! A whole human that has personal goals and other passions that I was just ignoring pre 2020. In entrepreneur, hustle culture, we are taught, “KEEP YOUR FOCUS, PURSUE IT AT MAXIMUM SPEED, DON’T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE PRIZE!!!” BEEP BEEP 2020 BEEP BEEP, you are not a robot and you should take care of yourself as a whole human. I realized I was only caring for myself if it helped me in photography but that alone is making me unbalanced~unstable really. 

I have read more books this year than probably any year in my life, 4 to be exact, but I thoroughly enjoyed them and they taught me some valuable stuff! I also spent more time on my phone than necessary, what can I say Tik Tok has me wrapped around their finger, but i’m trying to get off. I want to say thank you to Harry Styles, driving during golden hour, listening to Golden really helped get through the days. I can’t forget One Direction, I gave them a piece of my brain and i’d like it back now. I also found the perfect song to edit to but i’ll shovel that one til next year. 

This year, I really went through a gradient map phase, I want to thank Bradley Hale for the pack he came out with, it is honestly life changing, you need it! I also took some time to get better at video editing. Thankfully I had some clips from 2019 to work with. The film borders and grain are from Ezra Cohen, everything he touches is gold. 

The hills and shadows just get me

VOTE !! This really got me back into graphic design

This project was my baby, I absolutely love how it came out and want to make more of these!

Roses - Album Cover potential!

This is a Feeling - just love the visual

What a cool edit for a cool gal!

The Japanese House - Dionne - These words actually changed my life

Now Now Iridescent

Show 1/3, this kid took a hit of his inhaler and then crowd surfed, what a legend!

I hate the beach but I stand in California with my feet in the sand

This is a Feeling - love the geometric shape

Beach based of Turnover’s Peripheral Vision

San Holo - M3F, 1/3 shows I went to this year

New edit, Album Cover potential

This sign is an icon to Tucson

I can’t end this year without acknowledging my privilege. I am so very lucky to have a roof over my head, a source of income, access to healthcare and supportive parents that made this year easier to navigate. My heart goes out to the innocent lives lost, the families impacted by their passing due to covid and police brutality. I only hope that we are progressing and putting the right people in power to make changes that will give BIPOC people the necessary equity to be equal. The fight isn’t magically over January 1st, we have to keep fighting for what is right and as my friend Harry Styles would say, treat people with kindness. <3 

My Top Photos of 2019

2019 felt like living on a pile of wet cement with a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry on top. I felt very stuck, stagnant but had some of the most amazing opportunities to create my dream photos. I was really trying to describe what 2019 was like for me and all I could come up with was negative space. A string of months filled with uncertainty, unemployment and no creative spark left. However, negative space is needed (in a photo), or else it would be too cluttered to find a focus. I am so proud of my photos this year and the months I didn’t feel creative enough, fuel me for the coming year. 

I am ready for 2020 and all the abundance and challenges it comes with, but before I wanted to share my 19 favorite photos I took in 2019 (in no particular order). 

Soccer Mommy - This was an image I dreamed of getting, glad it worked out! So happy for all of her success, Clean is an absolute masterpiece.

Ryland - Citizen, they are my favorite band, 1st band to give me a photo pass, so they got a nice chunk of my heart.

The Japanese House - I love the colors in her hair and the light on her cheek bone

Cherry Pools - Tried to get this shot for weeks, super happy with the final photo!

If I had a dream image to take, it would be this photo. I remember taking it and screaming, I just knew.

Rezz - Shot from the crowd, reminds me of those old IPod commercials.

Not music related just love the moment

I usually don’t take lots of crowd shots but I love the energy and colors.

I love how the lights look like a waterfall in the back and light peaks through the guitar.

This photo was just me testing my flash but It turned into one of my favorites.

I really thought I would never do black and white and then The Neighbourhood said hello

This photo is pure love and magic

This took me 4 hours to edit, I have always wanted to take a photo that is basically geometrically perfect.

Cherry Pools - the tones of blues, the arm out, the framing, luv it

FIL - luv a good pedal board shot!

Always wanted a photo like this, just had to wait for the perfect light

Phantogram - they really blew me away

Ryan Woods - just luv it

Empty airplane window shot on an iphone 6s

Thank you for supporting me, it means the world <3 

To 2020: Clink Clink Bitch!!

What I took on my first tour

Before leaving for my first tour, I had no idea what to pack in terms of gear and other miscellaneous items. There wasn’t a lot of content out there specially geared towards music photography so I thought I would create my own! I filmed this right after I got back, and thought I would post it now. If you have any questions, you can instagram/twitter/email me and I’ll answer :)

Items Mentioned 

Apple Macbook 13 inch 

Western Digital Hard Drive

Memory Card

Velcro (Literally biggest power move)

Herschel Backpack

Canon 6D MK I

Canon 50mm 1.8


Film Camera

Portable Charger


Yellow Battery

Fanny Pack (The one I have is no longer sold) 

Vibes Earplugs

I don’t know where the camera strap is from :/

If you see something that I missed or you want to help me out and give me your tips, let me know! 

Thanks for reading :)

My Top 18 Photos of 2018

2018 was my first full year of doing music photography. Photography for me is like having a sweet little baby, something I love more than anything that got me excited and energized for the day. Except I got more sleep (well actually I don’t know) and it didn’t shit everywhere (uhh the ebbs and flow of creativity can make you feel like shit soo). What i’m trying to say is that photography has made me feel happiness and gave me a dash of self worth, that I didn’t have before. It is also so fun because you get to make some friends and collaborate with them which just makes my heart warm :)

Here it goes, my top photos of 2018 + some design stuff as always. 

My first show of the year, Soccer Mommy @ 191 Toole on February 13. Okay can you believe at this point, Soccer Mommy was touring in a Subaru Outback??

Diet Cig - February 19,  @ Club Congress

Summer 2018 Spotify Playlist Cover Art. I love the tongue coming out of the O and licking the Popsicle!

As it is @ Warped Tour Phoenix

Real Friends - Phoenix Warped Tour. As I was waiting for their set, I had this gif planned out and I’m so happy it worked out!

Turnover Poster - Good Nature. This actually took me months to think of and do and I am just really proud of it! parts of this design gets used for Turnover photos I take later in the year!

Queen of Jeans - July 11th @ The Rebel Lounge. This photo means a lot to me because it’s where I first started to find my style.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat @ The Rialto on August 4, 2018. After this set, I shattered my prism and cut my finger, memories:)

Hinds - September 25 @ Toole. If I have a chance to make a gif, I make a gif!

Foxing - September 14 @ The Rebel Lounge. The lighting at this show was insane and the venue was so small so I was so glad I got this shot. Also that Hello Kitty guitar strap is everything!

Ratboys - September 14 @ The Rebel Lounge. I remember someone commented on this photo and said it looked very space like. I didn’t have a word to describe my style so space like worked!

Melina - this shoot was something i wanted to do for years and I finally found the right location. Melina killed this shoot, it was a pleasure working with her!

Zariah for Kamp Radio - This was my first artist shoot!

Mothers - October 9 @ 191 Toole. I put off editing these photos for weeks because the lighting was so bad I had to turn them black and white. (It was lit my only one red light like the actual worst). However this problem made me come up with a cool way to add color to it and I’m really pleased with it!

Queen of Jeans - November 18 @ The Van Buren. This photo is really important to me. I shot Queen of Jeans earlier this year and it was were I first started to implement a consistent style. Only 4 months after, this is what it has evolved to and I am really proud of this photo. This is also the first time Topshelf Records sent me out to shoot a show!

Turnover - November 30 @ The Marquee. While I was taking these photos, I had a vision for a string of colors to be wrapped around them.

Lany - December 11 @ The Van Buren. I love this shot, it is like he is laying on clouds.

Flora Cash - December 11 @ The Van Buren. The lights and the lights look so grand, plus the warmth the lights bring, I love! This was my last show of the year.

Thank you for coming along & supporting my work, it means the world. 

To 2019: Clink Clink Bitch :)

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