My Top Photos of 2019

2019 felt like living on a pile of wet cement with a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry on top. I felt very stuck, stagnant but had some of the most amazing opportunities to create my dream photos. I was really trying to describe what 2019 was like for me and all I could come up with was negative space. A string of months filled with uncertainty, unemployment and no creative spark left. However, negative space is needed (in a photo), or else it would be too cluttered to find a focus. I am so proud of my photos this year and the months I didn’t feel creative enough, fuel me for the coming year. 

I am ready for 2020 and all the abundance and challenges it comes with, but before I wanted to share my 19 favorite photos I took in 2019 (in no particular order). 

Soccer Mommy - This was an image I dreamed of getting, glad it worked out! So happy for all of her success, Clean is an absolute masterpiece.

Ryland - Citizen, they are my favorite band, 1st band to give me a photo pass, so they got a nice chunk of my heart.

The Japanese House - I love the colors in her hair and the light on her cheek bone

Cherry Pools - Tried to get this shot for weeks, super happy with the final photo!

If I had a dream image to take, it would be this photo. I remember taking it and screaming, I just knew.

Rezz - Shot from the crowd, reminds me of those old IPod commercials.

Not music related just love the moment

I usually don’t take lots of crowd shots but I love the energy and colors.

I love how the lights look like a waterfall in the back and light peaks through the guitar.

This photo was just me testing my flash but It turned into one of my favorites.

I really thought I would never do black and white and then The Neighbourhood said hello

This photo is pure love and magic

This took me 4 hours to edit, I have always wanted to take a photo that is basically geometrically perfect.

Cherry Pools - the tones of blues, the arm out, the framing, luv it

FIL - luv a good pedal board shot!

Always wanted a photo like this, just had to wait for the perfect light

Phantogram - they really blew me away

Ryan Woods - just luv it

Empty airplane window shot on an iphone 6s

Thank you for supporting me, it means the world <3 

To 2020: Clink Clink Bitch!!

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