My Top Photos of 2021

There is only one more day left in 2021 - don't think I forgot about this tradition! 2021 - yes, we are sadly still in a pandemic, but thanks to the vaccine, we were allowed some fun, as a treat! Personally, this year was centered around growth - growing up, moving to a big city & being a fulltime freelance photographer (never thought it would happen so fast). It was a huge privilege to be able to move. The thought of staying stagnant felt worse than the possibility that I would fall flat on my face, and that's when you know you have to make that scary leap! I'm here to say, from the other side, it was completely worth it! 

I got to do so many bucket list things like shoot Lollapalooza as my first show back, for 2 incredible artist! I got out of my comfort zone and shot food and wine campaigns. I was just as excited about the food photos as the music photos, which I never thought would happen. I LOVE music photography but it was so thrilling to work in a different space of photography. I got all of my music work this year through referrals - the power of friendship and putting yourself out there is REAL!!

ok ok ok now for the photos, in no order:  

Mt Lemmon - This is very Abbey Rd vibes

Riot Fest on Cinestill 800T

Elohim - I Love the movement in her hair and the vertical lines that lead to her

Beach Fossils - I was just trying something out and it came out better than expected

Elohim - fisheye’s ROCK

Amusement Park - this photo means a lot to me. it signifies growing up and realizing your childhood is over, that pure childlike playfulness isn’t the same anymore

Kid Sister Sauvy B

3d Film Crowd - this is a shot I planned to get and its perfect

Violet Dive - took this for fun on the shoot and it came out so nice

Hannah Jadagu - she is one of my favorite artist now, SO GOOD

Harry Styles - if 2021 taught me anything is i am still a harry STAN - cried the whole concert

Valley - their performance blew me away - SO GOOD

Breakup Shoes - first time shooting kodak 160, pushed it +1 and it came out so good!

Jeremy Zucker - this photo feels like an extension of the album art

Beach - this is such a beautiful moment im so happy I got to capture it

BTS for Jack Larson - Chicago New Artist coming in HOT

Juice - my favorite moments happen seconds before stage, everyone is getting ready, amped!!

Kat Cunnings - okay ABS, they are so talented , def got a new fan!

William Black Crowd @ lolla - literally just such a girlboss

William Black - i love how you can see the city

William Black

Engagement @ Verite

<3 @ Jeremy Zucker

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported me, shared my work, recommended me, I love u forever❣️💗

Let's hope 2022 is safe to ROCK!! okay luv u byeeee💞

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