What I took on my first tour

Before leaving for my first tour, I had no idea what to pack in terms of gear and other miscellaneous items. There wasn’t a lot of content out there specially geared towards music photography so I thought I would create my own! I filmed this right after I got back, and thought I would post it now. If you have any questions, you can instagram/twitter/email me and I’ll answer :)

Items Mentioned 

Apple Macbook 13 inch 

Western Digital Hard Drive

Memory Card

Velcro (Literally biggest power move)

Herschel Backpack

Canon 6D MK I

Canon 50mm 1.8


Film Camera

Portable Charger


Yellow Battery

Fanny Pack (The one I have is no longer sold) 

Vibes Earplugs

I don’t know where the camera strap is from :/

If you see something that I missed or you want to help me out and give me your tips, let me know! 

Thanks for reading :)

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