Common Unity

Common Unity is a Leeds based record shop and label set up in 2004. The aim of the shop has always been to represent the thriving dance music scene in the city by supporting local artists and DJs – whilst also having an international perspective of stocking and reaching out to music producers from around the world. The shop is an integral part of the local music community and a much respected name in the city. As well as stocking a wide variety of music the shop also sells their own merchandise.

The logo is made to look like a chain when put together, to depict the strong community values they have.


Poppy & Yarrow are the spunky dancers of Common Unity. 

Poppy is a courageous and spontaneous soul who always knows when and where the next show is going down. 

Yarrow is a go with the flow, carefree soul who always brings the good vibes where they go; the perfect pair to poppy! 


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