Let's Sweat

My position at Let's Sweat was the marketing/graphic design intern. I was tasked to take charge of their instagram to grow the following and build community. From taking photos, writing copy to replying to comments and messages, I was responsible for all the Let's Sweat content. Key things I implemented were:

  • A weekly posting schedule, with different days serving a different purpose. 
  • Created a community feature on Instagram, as a way of cheering on the people going to the gym.
  • Introduced the trainers on Instagram so everyone was more acquainted

During the summer, I was able to increase the following by 23%. Community is harder to quantify but I noticed more people were congratulating or sparking up conversations with the leading line of "I saw you on the Instagram" or I saw they posted about this event, are you going?" 

Lets Sweat "Summer Sweat Club" Campaign 

I collaborated with the CEO of Lets Sweat to create the "Summer Sweat Club" campaign for June and July of 2018.  The campaign goal was to increase the amount of people registering for classes. During a period of 30 days, one would have to take 21 classes to get initiated into the "Summer Sweat Club." After the 30 days, the members would get a free class. 

My contribution included:

  • Designing logo and mascot for the "Summer Sweat Club" 
  • Designing for t-shirts and print marketing material. 
  • Designing custom chart to track customers progress.

After every workout, the customer would put up a sticker on our chart, we found the sticker to be very motivating to stay on track. The campaign increased sales by 11.8% during June and July. 

Promo Video

I created 1 minute promo video for their Instagram, to show the fun atmosphere Lets Sweat can be! It is still one of their most viewed posts. 

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